– Shipping costs (when ordering different items, the highest shipping costs are leading)

(Parcel/tube shipping):

• NL: prices starting from €6,95 (+9% BTW) / track & trace
• EU: prices starting from 10,20 (+9% VAT) / track & trace
• Outside EU: prices starting from 20,50 / track & trace

Book (Letterbox parcel/parcel shipping):

• NL: prices starting from 4,15 (+9% BTW) / track & trace
• EU: prices starting from 9,- (+9% VAT) / track & trace
• Outside EU: prices starting from 20,20 / track & trace

Pin/Patch (Letterbox parcel/parcel shipping):

• NL: prices starting from 4,15 (+21% BTW) / track & trace
• EU: prices starting from 5,70 (+21% VAT) / track & trace
• Outside EU: prices starting from 11,50 / track & trace


– What is the exact pricing of my shipment? 
You can calculate the exact shipping costs in the shopping cart after you added an item. (In the cart you can alter the content or proceed to the payment process). You can also check the exact prices on the PostNL website (NL/EN/FR) before you place an order. (Country of destination not available in the cart? Email me and I’ll add it to the shipping options).


– Customers outside the EU:
The ordered item(s) is/are very likely subject to additional costs upon arrival. Please inform yourself on the import and duty fees of your country before you place an order here. Know that these duty fees are beyond my control and are your own responsibility to pay.


– Payment methods:
Accepted payment methods are VISA, Mastercard, American Express, iDEAL, Paypal, Apple Pay and Bankcontact (provided by Mollie payment service).


– Shipping / Processing time:
Processing time takes between 2 to 7 working days. Shipping usually takes 1 working day for The Netherlands, about 5 to 10 working days for most European countries and between 10 working days to several weeks for all other countries. (More on international shipping in the next paragraph). You will receive an automated e-mail notification + tracking code when the order has been shipped. Please allow plenty of time when ordering for a special occasion like a birthday gift or a present for the holidays. 


– I haven’t received my order yet. What to do?
I’m sorry to hear you’re still waiting for your order to arrive. Unfortunately postal delays happen every now and then. The process of shipping from The Netherlands to overseas addresses takes time to begin with and the shipment always has to go through the customs of the land of destination. Sometimes a shipment gets temporarily stuck at customs and those delays are beyond my or any postal service’s control, whether you use regular mail, a registered or traced postal method or a courier. Some countries have very strict security rules while some might have sluggish postal services, which in both cases can slow foreign shipments down. Delays can also occur from one postal service to another due to the differences in postal systems. So if you’re certain the shipment hasn’t already been offered to you at a time you weren’t at home (and that it has been given to a next-door neighbour or send back to your local post office to be picked up by you), I would kindly ask for your patience and your understanding. Until this day all shipments arrived at their destination so I would advice to give it just a bit more time and keep me informed on the delay. I hope the wait does not cause you much inconvenience!


– Do all orders come with freebie postcards and/or stickers?
Freebies are added to your order if the weight limit of the shipping method allows it.


– What kind of packaging do you use?
Risograph and giclée prints will be send to you in an acid free transparent paper, wrapped between cardboard and in bubble wrap, in a cardboard envelope. When a print is too large to fit an envelope (like the Sand Castle Battle print) I’ll use a cardboard tube. Pins are individually wrapped in a small paper gift box and shipped in a cardboard letterbox parcel. A larger version of a letterbox parcel is also used to ship The Engine Room book. The patch, when sold separately, will be send to you in a bubble wrap envelope.


– The print edition is sold out. Can you make new ones? Can you print the image larger?
I’m afraid that won’t be possible; altering the size or printing extra copies makes the ‘original’ print edition worth less.


Reflection period and returns:
Read all conditions on returns at the Terms & conditions page, section 3.8.


– And lastly:
This online shop is not run by a bot or a faceless e-commerce behemoth but by one (1) human. To get your order to your doorstep, I work with shipping, which inadvertently involves certain uncontrollable factors. So if you encounter any problems there, or elsewhere on this website, you can talk to me ♥ Thank you! Femke.