My name is Femke Hiemstra and I’m an artist based in The Netherlands. Through acrylic paint or graphite pencil I create painted stories; meticulous crafted surrealistic scenes that often feature characters and anthropomorphic flora and fauna. These original pieces are sold at exhibitions in art galleries such as Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam (NL), Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg (DE), or Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle (WA, USA), among others. On this website you can find reproductions of my artwork, merchandise and my behind-the-scenes book The Engine Room. If you’d like to see more of my art, sketches, what inspiration lies at the basis of what I make or if you want to find out at which gallery I show my original pieces next, please visit my Instagram profile. Follow me there to stay in the loop ♥

Contact: info@femtasia.nl (No Instagram DM’s, please)


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